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Salzpoint Lite Flow


SalzPoint Lite is a tool for efficiently managing the Delivery and collections for distributors from the retail outlets.

  • Delivery of Goods with / without prior/confirmed orders
  • Optimizing the sale of Perishables using Delivery Intelligence


Retail Sales & Delivery, Simplified

  • High visibility to Product Owners on Sales / Order Booking / Delivery at retail outlets directly
  • Track your Field staff and orders placed, from anywhere
  • Pinpoint sales forecasting through intelligent BI dashboards and reports


Production Planning, Empowered

  • Simple, meaningful delivery trend & pie charts (by sales person, by retail outlets, by products, etc.)
  • Understand seasonal and non-seasonal buy pattern on the fly for production planning
  • Import data into your ERP / Production Planning tool effortlessly

Driving Sales & Operational Efficiency

  • Monitor Sales team efficiency, and incentivise the eligible
  • Run campaigns, and plan for lean inventory, with real time order status
  • Manage recycling of products with Short Shelf life


  • Approval of Orders Placed on Retail shops, by the owners
  • Get Past order history to plan orders
  • Update product placement in Retail to owners and earn incentives

Retail Flow

Sales / Delivery Networks

  • Manage Multiple Delivery Networks (different Cities / Zones)
  • Manage retail distribution locations
  • Manage sales team with flexibilities to shift
  • Sales trends by Distribution Network / Retail locations / Sales person / Products
  • Intelligent Dashboards and Orders reports
  • Top performing Distribution Network / Retail locations / Products / Sales persons

Sales FLow

Product Owners

  • Maintain multiple cities directly through one window, localised & independent supply chain
  • Maintain / compare sales teams across cities
  • Classify Sales team members and Retail shops
  • Daily /Weekly orders reports
  • Sales trend by City / multiple Delivery Networks
  • Top performing sales persons / Networks / products charts
  • Manage orders / deliveries with precision
  • Real-time understanding of returned stocks
  • Plan & execute data-backed marketing campaigns

Product Flow

Salient Features

  • Ability to Control Absenteeism and Proxy of Sales / Field Staff
  • Real time Tracking of Sales / Orders and Field staff
  • Well tracked / monitored delivery Management
  • Monitoring Post Delivery placement of products
  • Elimination of Products – by expiry / going stale, and plan recycling
  • Eliminating disputes by Retailers for orders placed
  • Tool for Order Booking / direct Delivery at Retail outlets
  • Lean Management in terms of Inventory and Finished goods
  • A tool for putting up Marketing and Sales plans
  • Better Production Planning & Inventory Management
  • Insight on Region wise Order booking & Delivery
  • Ownership on Retailers for orders placed and Delivery taken
  • Enhances better collection from Retail outlets


  • Control absenteeism & proxy attendance of your Field Staff
  • Savings from reduction in number of Field Staff through supply tracking
  • Elimination of Product wastage due to expiry / going stale, by ensuring they are put in cold storage on delivery (app-based visual verification)
  • Savings through Delivering need based products, using BI tool (heuristics and seasonal data)
  • Savings through Better Production Planning & Inventory Management
  • Savings from eliminating non-performing Distributors, through Real time Tracking
  • Savings from eliminating disputes by Retailers for orders placed
  • Better collection Management from Retailers
  • Assistance in data-backed Marketing and Promotional activities

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