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The importance of sales reporting in a business

Sometimes it seems as if sellers come from a different planet, Mars maybe, and marketers from the Venus. For a better return in business, both units need to participate in the sharing of data and support collaborative work for residing on the same crust. Great sales recording doesn't just help the sales crew/team but the Read more

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Here’s Why Your Small Business Needs Supply Management Software

Introduction Many business sectors require proper planning, execution of flow and control from the very initial stage of acquiring raw materials to the very terminal of generating a product. Achieving a smooth productive flow of goods and services in a cost-effective and streamlined way is the utmost desire of a business firm. The desired aspects Read more

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Current Supply Chain Management in India not suitable for New Start-ups

Why is the current SupplyChain management set up in India not able to support the small start up brands in setting up PAN India?? We did a recent study through our Call Center executives in setting up PAN India for 100's of small start up brands by talking to 1000's of distributors/super stockists. Our supply Read more

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Why MSMEs fail to establish their brands through direct distribution model?

MSMEs should change the way they do business otherwise they cannot sustain in their business. I met many food product manufacturers in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu recently who had similar problems in their Supply Chain. They sell their products through direct distribution channel. They do not know what is happening to their product brands beyond Read more

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Fear of Digital Adoption

The fear of going digital How people excuse to go Digital and lose business An interesting scenario that I would like to share about the fear of going digital from a small distributor in TamilNadu. I was on an assignment in setting up super stockiest and distributors in Tamil Nadu for an FMCG manufacturer from Read more

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